Attendance Allowance Phone Number

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Attendance Allowance Phone Number 0843 455 0115.

Attendance Allowance phone number

Benefits & Credits Attendance Allowance Phone Number Details. UK is a great residing place for the disabled. Because they are entitled to obtaining a vast range of disability-related financial support. Such as concessions, grants, payments, tax credits and benefits.

The exact amount of financial support obtained by each individual isn’t the same. Because the figure differs from case to case depending upon the severity of the disability and so on. Individuals over the age of sixty five years and are physically, or mentally disabled. Are eligible to receive the Attendance allowance. This kind of allowance is generally paid at two different rates. The lower one is around £53 while the higher rate is around £80.

The primary determining factor of the amount. In case of this allowance is the level of care required by the individual with his/her disability. You would qualify for the lower rate. If he/she requires frequent help throughout the course of the day. And constant supervision of course. An individual qualifies for the higher rate if he/she is terminally ill. And requires constant help and supervision round the clock.

Attendance Allowance Number 0843 455 0115.

When you qualify for the Attendance Allowance, you will also be able to enjoy extra perks like receiving Council Tax Reduction, Housing Benefit, Pension Credit and so on. It is best to call up the Benefits & Credits office in the UK in order to verify these information and to find out more.

We have listed down the Disability Benefits helpline on our website just for you. You can give them a call during the weekdays, i.e. any day from Mondays to Fridays. The helpline is not a 24×7 one, but rather one has to observe the work timings before making a call. The number is operational only from eight in the morning to six in the evening. The Attendance allowance of the individual is directly paid into his/her bank account along with his/her benefits and pensions.

Health is not a constant factor, it keeps changing. Therefore, if your circumstances or health has changed then it is your duty to bring it to the notice of the helpline. As far as the eligibility criteria is concerned, an individual qualifies for this allowance if he/she has physical disabilities like blindness or mental disabilities like having difficulty in learning.

These disabled individuals require a constant help by their side for their own safety reason and for the safety of others around them. Just like any other benefit and allowance, even the Attendance allowance requires the individual applying for the same to go through qualification tests.

Attendance Allowance Contact Number 0843 455 0115

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