Barclays Contact Number

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Barclays Contact Number.

Barclays Contact NumberBarclays Banking Services, available via the Barclays contact number, are here to help new and existing customers get the best from Barclays products.

Call the Barclays contact number to speak to a customer services assistant for general advice or specialist assistance.

Barclays dates its origins back to a goldsmith banking enterprise founded in the City of London in 1690. During 1728, the bank moved to 54 Lombard Street, identified by the ‘Sign of the Black Spread Eagle’ (later to become the bank logo). James Barclay became a partner in 1736.

In 1896 several banks amalgamated as Barclays and Co, a joint-stock bank. Gradually Barclays expanded to become a national bank. In 1967, Barclays deployed the world’s first cash machine. Barclays launched the first UK credit card, Barclaycard, in 1966 and introduced the Connect card, the first UK debit card, in June 1987. The Connect brand is still in use today. Barclays has sponsored the Football Premier League since 2001.

Barclays contact number for the following Personal Banking services:

    • Bank Accounts.
    • Personalised Card.
    • Mobile Banking app.
    • Personal loans.
    • Credit cards.
    • Fixed rate mortgages.
    • Instant Cash ISA.
    • Cash ISA •e-savings Reward.
    • Monthly Savings.
    • Investment options.
  • Insurance.

The following additional banking services available to our Premier Banking customers:

    • Current Account (Premier).
    • Premier Online Banking (Premier).
    • Premier Banking Rewards (Premier ).
  • Barclays Personalised Card.

Barclays Contact Number.

Business banking.
Call the Barclays phone number for the following range of banking, borrowing, investment and business support services:

    • Business current account.
    • Startup account.
    • Agriculture.
    • Free schools & academies.
    • Loans.
    • Overdrafts.
    • Savings.
    • Credit cards.
    • Access to finance.
    • International.
    • Credit management service.
    • Mobile Banking app.
    • Starting a Business.
    • Free start-up guide.
    • Building a business plan.
    • Tools to help you succeed.
    • Small business support.
    • Seminars.
    • Webcast library.
    • Free Business Seminars.
    • Free business skills training.
  • Workshops.

Corporate Banking.
Call the Barclays number for the following dedicated services we offer to our corporate clients:

• Raise Finance: Our financial experts understand the vital role funding has in both meeting
everyday expenses and facilitating growth.

• Protect My Business: Control the risk element associated with international exchange and
interest volatility with a range of risk solution products.

• Trade Internationally: Whether you’re new to overseas trading or an established practitioner, we
have the services to meet your business needs.

• Manage Cash & Payments: Effectively and efficiently manage your business liquidity through our
extensive range of products and services.

Call Barclays Banking Services, available via the Barclays Phone Number, to speak to our customer service personnel. Remember the Barclays contact number is your link to our customer support network.

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