British Airways Contact Number

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British Airways Contact Number.

British Airways Contact NumberBritish Airways is a global airline company based in the UK with its registered office in the village of Harmondsworth. Near London Heathrow airport, the company fleet’s main base, although it does have a large presence too at London Gatwick.

These offices form part of the company network when using a British Airways contact number. Formed in 1974 following the merger of four companies. British Airways was publicity owned until its privatisation in 1987. Which saw it expand quite rapidly acquiring further companies, such as Dan-Air in 1992.

Together with Air France, British Airways introduced the supersonic airliner Concorde. Which flew its first commercial flight in January 1976 to Bahrain, and operated until 2003. In terms of fleet size and international destinations, British Airways is the UK’s largest airline company.

In line with the size of operations run, British Airways has many different departments, contactable in a variety of ways including a British Airways phone number, email and online forms. From booking flights and hotels, to managing your booking, arranging airport car parking or customer care, there is a British Airways phone number to meet your needs and all can be found on the website,

British Airways Contact Number.

Under the information tab. The customer relations team deal with issues during and after the flight, including lost or damaged baggage and general British Airways complaints, and they can be emailed, phoned or contacted direct from the website. Matters relating to before the flight such as ticket issues are referred to reservations and general enquiries, accessible again in the same ways.

The website supplies a whole list to help provide the British Airways contact number relevant to specific enquiries. These include flight arrival and departure information, car hire, group bookings and baggage claim, and most departments operate on a daily basis between 6am and 8pm, with the flight information times being an automated 24 hour system with the option of speaking to a company representative if required.

There is also a British Airways contact number listed when things have not gone to plan and there have been cancellations, and a new flight needs to be booked. For the hearing impaired there is also a Minicom British Airways phone number listed on the website, with an email option also available.

British Airways Plc.
PO Box 365,
UB7 0GB.
United Kingdom.

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