Budgeting Loan Number

Budgeting Loan Number 0843 455 0031.

Social Fund Number 0843 455 0031.

Budgeting Loan NumberUse this Budgeting Loan Number to connect you to a customer service advisor, at the DWP who specialise in budgeting loan enquiries. Call the Department for Work and Pensions on the budgeting loan Contact number, to speak to a member of the support staff.

The budgeting loan Contact Number is the one to call for information, and advice about qualifying requirements for a budgeting loan.

You must have been in receipt of Income Support, or other qualifying benefits, for at least 26 weeks.

Social Fund Number 0843 455 0031.

You can get loan help for:

Advance rent, essential home maintenance and security, funeral or maternity costs, household items/furniture, clothing/footwear, starting work costs (childcare included), UK travel costs.

Loan Priorities.
The maximum loan amount is subject to variance, but the rules always initially determine the single person limit. This, in simple proportion, then decides the limit for other loan categories as follows: The limit for couples without children = one and one third x the single person limit. The limit for families with children (including single parents) = two and one third x the single person limit.

Budgeting Loan Contact Number 0843 455 0031.

Loan limits.
The minimum budgeting loan advance is £100. The maximum allowable Social Fund debt cannot exceed £1,500 in any circumstances. Therefore, a Budgeting Loan must remain within this fixed limit.

Social Fund Number 0843 455 0031.

Budgeting Loan Advances.
Your Budgeting Loan is normally a lump sum payment. This is paid into a bank, building society or other account of your choice.

Budgeting loans must be repaid within 104 weeks. The repayment rates are 12 per cent, 10 per cent or 5 per cent of your weekly qualifying benefit. The rate applied will depend upon your assessed commitments. Lower repayment rates normally apply if there are other outstanding debts and/or rent and fuel arrears. Please call our Department for Work and Pensions budgeting loan Contact number for information about a budgeting loan. Remember, you can get the help and essential advice you need by calling our budgeting loan number.

click here to go to the DWP budgeting loan website.
Download a budgeting loan application form here.

Social Fund Number

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