Carers Allowance Telephone Number

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Carers Allowance Number 0843 455 0089.

Carers Allowance Number

If a person is looking after a disabled person, he should have the Carers Allowance Telephone Number. Carers allowance are funds offered to persons who look after individuals with considerable caring needs. The allowance is about £59.75 per week. An applicant is paid week in advance, or on fourth or thirteenth week. The allowance is paid into the applicant’s bank account. Carer’s allowance is taxable. It also affects other benefits an applicant might have.

Qualifications for the Carers allowance.

It is not a must for a person to be related with the person you look after. Consequently, you do not have to live with the person to apply for the allowance. You only need to be 16 years of age and above. An applicant should be spending a minimum of 35 hours a week taking care of the disadvantaged person. If an applicant has any questions regarding qualifications for the allowance, he can dial carers allowance contact number.

Carers Allowance Application Process.

A person can apply for the Carers Allowance on-line. Applying for the allowance on an on-line platform is simple and convenient. Only a few application formalities are required during the application process. Also you can use the Carers Allowance Telephone Number for help.

A person can also make a Carers allowance claim by post. A person should fill in the DS700 or DS700SP forms and then send them by post. An applicant can also use carers allowance contact number to obtain a form from the Carers Allowance Unit.

By Post to:
Carer’s Allowance Unit.
Palatine House,
Lancaster Road,
PR1 14HB.

Tel: Carers Allowance Number 0843 455 0089.

Things You Should Know.

Carers allowance claim takes four to six weeks to be approved. If another person takes care of the disadvantaged individual, only one applicant will get the Carers Allowance. If a person was entitled to receive a Carers Allowance before applying it, he can request for it to be predated. It can be predated for up to a period of 3 months.

Seeking a Carers Allowance can help an applicant to protect his state pension. This is because, he receives a Class 1 National Insurance Credit. This is for every week the applicant receives the allowance.

Appealing a Decision.

If an allowance applicant is not satisfied with the allowance given, he can file an appeal. He should fill in the GL24 form to state his reasons for the complaint. Alternatively, he can use the Carers Allowance Telephone Number to seek help from the customer care team.

Carers Allowance Number 0843 455 0089.

Go to the Carers allowance website
Forms to claim carers allowance.

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