DSA Contact Number

08/09/2016 | By Peter Jones

Driving Standards Agency Phone NumberĀ 0843 455 0039
DSA Contact Number 0843 455 0039.

DSA Contact NumberThe Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is a national company and its parent is the Department of Transport (DTF) in UK. The organization deals in the administration of driving tests in the great Britain (UK), and also promotion of road safety through improving the motorcycling and driving standards in the country. It does so by setting education and training standards, theories and practical riding and driving tests for drivers. DSA Phone Number and the DSA Contact Number can help one reach the organization which operates in Great Britain only, but earlier on in 2013, it announced that it will merge in to a single agency with the Vehicle and operator services agency which carries the same role of administration of driving tests in Northern Ireland.

DSA Phone Number 0843 455 0039.

DSA contact number can help find its three branches which are its headquarters in Nottingham, its training and learning materials center in Bedfordshire, and in Newcastle and Cardiff, its administrative centers.The organization employs a total number of 2,400 workers from UK with 1789 of them being practical driving examiners and the other 728 of them being administrative staff and managers. DSA contact number when used can help in reaching Its over 400 practical driving test centers which are located all over the country while its theory tests are carried in its theory test centers which are over 150 and can be found in all over the great Britain.

The organization is also a trading fund and most of its funds are from revenues and fees collected from other initiatives of road safeties. DSA contact number can help in getting information on Its primary aim and mission is to promote road safety continually through influencing the behaviors of riders and drivers.This is attained through the setting of standards for driver trainers and pre-driver education, supervision and registration of Approved and quality assured driving instructors, carrying out of its practical and theory riding and driving test,and also DSA phone number can help in reporting all cases related to roads such as identity fraud, suspected theory tests and impersonations of practical tests.

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Driving Standards Agency.
PO Box 280,
NE99 1FP.

Email: customer.services@dsa.gsi.gov.uk .
Phone: 0843 455 0039.

DSA Contact Number

Peter Jones 08/09/2016