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eon Contact Number 0843 455 0112.

e.on contact numberCall the eon contact number to reach eon customer service department. We are ready and waiting to help all our new and existing customers with information about our products and services. Use the eon telephone number to send your enquiry directly through to one of our specialists.

You can use the eon website to submit a meter reading or look at your account history, if you don’t have an online account you can call the eon contact number and give your readings to a e.on customer services adviser.


eon was founded in June 2000 by the merger of two of Germany’s largest industrial groups, VEBA and VIAG. These companies were both founded in the 1920s as state-owned industrial corporations. After privatisation during the 1960s and 1980s, the two enterprises continued their success, now as private, investor-owned companies. Following the merger, eon today is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. The company’s objective is to make their energy cleaner and better wherever they operate.

eon is the official energy partner of the UK Football League.


General management from Dusseldorf with regional European centres.
Domestic Products and Services.

Call the eon contact number for:

  • eon Electricity and Gas Plan – choose from just four simple plans;
  • Home Energy Services – tailor-made boiler and central heating to suit your home and budget;
  • New connections – when your property needs an electricity or gas supply;
  • Feed-in Tariffs – generate your own domestic energy;
  • Home Insulation – keep the heat inside and save money.

Business Services.

Use the e.on contact number for:

  • Large energy user:  (over £25,000 per year on Electricity, over £15,000 per year on Gas).
  • Fixed cost – to manage your energy budgets;
  • CCLexempt – for ethically and responsibly-sourced energy;
  • Pan-European Energy Needs – we have the infrastructure and expertise to supply

    throughout Europe;

  • Un-metered Supplies (UMS) – we can supply electricity to street lights, traffic lights and
    other un-metered supplies;
  • Flexible products – our flexible products allow you to make purchasing decisions to capitalise
    on market conditions;
  • eon Portfolio Solution (EPS) – reduce exposure to risk via wholesale purchasing.
  • Small-to-medium user: (below £25,000 per year on Electricity, below £15,000 per year on Gas).
  • Business Gas Plans – one, two or three year options;
  • Electricity Plans (Business ) – one, two or three year options;
  • Business Energy Manager – a range of simple and cost effective energy saving measures;
  • New connections – meeting your own individual requirements and deadlines.

Remember to call the eon contact number to reach our customer services and access our support network. The eon contact number is all you need to find information about our products and services.

eon Contact Number 0843 455 0112.

To go to the eon website.
If you have an account you can log into
the eon portal.

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