Housing Benefit Phone Number

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Housing Benefit Phone Number 0843 455 0081.

Housing Benefit Phone NumberUse this Housing Benefit Phone Number is you think you are entitled to claim Housing Benefit.

Housing Benefit can be defined as a means tested social security benefit which exists in the United Kingdom. The primary intention of this benefit is to help individuals meet the housing expenses. Or costs in case of rental accommodation. I.e. when the individuals are tenants. There may come a certain time in your life when you need the help of Housing Benefit. And during such times you can dial the Housing Benefit number provided by us.

If you are on a low income. Then Housing Benefit can be very beneficial for you. Because it will help you pay your rent. This benefit can be availed by individuals who are employed as well as those who do not work, i.e. unemployed individuals.

Staying true to its name, housing benefit does not help one in paying for food, energy or hot water; it simply helps with the payment of rent. However, to get a better idea of what it exactly covers? Housing Benefit number should be used in order to have a word with the customer care executive.

What’s great about Housing Benefit is that a fixed amount of benefit does not exist for all individuals. The amount that each applicant/individual gets. Depends on their individual circumstances. Their household income. The mode of rent and the nature of their rental accommodation.

Housing Benefit Phone Number 0843 455 0081.

One may get either a part of the rent or the entire rent through Housing Benefit. In order to determine the benefit one is entitled to, one can have a consultation with Housing Benefit officials over the phone with the help of the Housing Benefit phone number.

In the month of April in 2013, a new rule was introduced: if the housing benefit was not sufficient for the purpose of covering one’s rent then one can get additional help from one’s local council. This additional help is termed as ‘Discretionary housing payment’.

If you live in a private rental. The amount that the individual can get is calculated by taking the Local Housing Allowance Limit. (Specifically for the area/location in question) into consideration. There are also certain limits that come with the Housing Benefit. For instance, change in address and having a break in one’s claim for such a benefit.

To find out if you are eligible to receive Housing Benefit or not. You can dial the Housing Benefit number to speak to someone or you can visit the official website in order to see the eligibility criteria.

To go to the Housing Benefit website.
Download a HCTB1 Claim form.

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