JSA Contact Number

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JSA Contact Number 0843 455 0081.

JSA Existing Claims Number 0843 455 0034.

JSA CONTACTThe JSA Contact Number can be used to start a claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance or JSA for short. JSA is paid while you are looking for a job and is usually not less than £57.90 a week for 16 to 24-year-olds & £73.10 for over 25s.

Depending on your personal circumstances there may be a different type of JSA you qualify for, thus the payment could be higher. So call the JSA Phone Number and see if you qualify for JSA. You have to be over 18 and bellow pensionable age. you also need to be able to work and not in full-time education.

You must live in England, Wales or Scotland, actively looking for work or if you already have a job you must be working less than 16 Hours. If you think you are eligible for JSAthe call JSA Contact Number today and speak to the JSA Helpline advisor.

JSA Contact Number 0843 455 0081.

To get income based JSA, for you & your partner if you have a partner. Must have less than £16,000 savings or investments, & work on average less than 24 hours a week. If you have been awarded JSA. It will stop if you don’t attend an appointment at the jobcentre plus office when one has been arraigned.

Refuse a Job or training that has been arranged for you. Don’t apply for any jobs at all. Don’t attend the training that has been set up for you to better your chances of a job. Also if you leave a job or training without a good reason. If you are dismissed from a job or training for bad behaviour or conduct.

If you can’t make an appointment at the jobcentre plus. Use the JSA Contact Number to inform a member of staff that you can’t attend. You have a right to appeal if you are unhappy with the decision regarding you JSA. Call the JSA Phone Number for a GL24 form or collect one from your local jobcentre plus office.

JSA Existing Claim Number 0843 455 0034.

There is more information available on the Government website.


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