Maternity Allowance Contact Number

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Maternity Allowance Contact Number 0843 455 0033.

Maternity Allowance Contact NumberIf an expectant person is unemployed, she can dial the maternity allowance contact number 0843 455 0033 for assistance.

Maternity allowance is paid to a person who is not eligible for the Statutory Maternity Pay.

The government issues maternity allowances. The funds are available from the Department for Work and Pensions.


You are eligible for the allowance if self-employed and makes Class 2 NI contributions. A person can also be self-employed but have a small earnings exemption certificate. If you have recently stopped working can also apply for the allowance.

As part of the eligibility necessities, an applicant must have been working for twenty-six weeks in the sixty-six weeks before delivery. In the 26 weeks worked, a person should have been earning a minimum of £30 in at least 13 weeks.

To seek clarification on eligibility, a person should dial the maternity allowance phone number to speak to a customer service agent. The maternity allowance contact number is open from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm. All information regarding eligibility for maternity allowance can be found on the Maternity Allowance official website.

What an Applicant Gets.

Successful applicants are paid £136 every week. They can also get a 90 per cent of their regular monthly earnings. Beneficiaries are given the allowance every 2 to 4 weeks. Maternity Allowance paid for up to 39 weeks. Persons can check whether their application was successful by dialling the Maternity Allowance phone number.

When can I Claim?

To make a claim, a person should be pregnant for a minimum of 26 weeks. To make an application, you can fill out an MA1 form. Start the process by dialling the Maternity Allowance phone number. To apply through a call, a person is asked to provide proof of income, SMP1 form, and proof of the delivery period.

If a Baby is Lost.

If you lose your baby, you can still be eligible for Maternity Allowance under two conditions. First, the child should have been delivered alive at some point. Secondly, the child was stillborn at the start of the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy.

Appealing a Decision.

If unhappy about the application, a person should fill the GL24 form. The form is mailed or faxed to Maternity Allowance headquarters. To check on the status of an appeal, one should use the Maternity Allowance contact number to speak to an agent.

Maternity Allowance Contact Numbers 0843 455 0033.

To go to the DLA website.
To appeal, download a GL24 form.

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