PayPal Contact Number

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PayPal Contact Number.

PayPal Contact NumberPayPal is a global company dealing with money transfer and payment through the internet. Or it is a company that enables people to transfer, pay and accept money without necessarily revealing their personal financial details.

PayPal company has positioned itself as the leading company in an online financial transaction. It offers a wide array of merchant and payment options, that have branched from online money industry into the retail world. For more information on how PayPal operates, you can use PayPal contact number to find out more.

PayPal offers student, personal, business and premier accounts. It provides fraud and security surveillance, money transfer options, merchant services, customer services and eBay Tools. PayPal has a debit card option which provides users with immediate access to their PayPal balances and can be used in any bank where MasterCard is accepted. For more information on PayPal services, you can use any available PayPal phone numbers.

The company has significant operations in the US, India, Ireland, Israel, Germany and other 190 countries across the globe. PayPal has personal service departments, customer services and support departments, customer registration departments, IT departments, fraud and security surveillance departments, money transfer departments, management and accounting departments and human resource departments across in both US and international branches. For more information, you can use PayPal contact number which is available at this website.

PayPal Contact Number.

Company history.
The company was established in 1998 and was acquired by eBay in 2002. It’s corporate headquarter is in San Jose, California and its international headquarters is located in Singapore. The acquisition helps the company to solidify its ability to offer customers with swift and safe payment options. With over 137 million active accounts in more than 193 markets and 26 currencies across the globe, PayPal enables $12 million payment and transfer every day. For more information about the company, you can call the PayPal contact number.

General information.
PayPal company charges no fees to initiate an account. The account contains you are registered financial and personal information, including your debit and bank details, email address, phone number and even password or security question. The company has the most physically secure servers and secures data encryption technologies that are not connected directly to the internet. It has dedicated anti-fraud expert teams who work tirelessly to ensure the maximum level of security. The company offers free payment sent for good and services within United States borders. However, payments received are levied a small transaction fee which is based on the payment amount.

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