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Personal Independence Payment (PIP)PIP or Personal Independence Payment is a welfare benefit which provides financial help to people in the UK for treating a disability or a health condition. This kind of benefit is non-contributory and non-means-tested. Thus it needs to be repaid when the recipient manages to find a job.

This kind of benefit is calculated on the basis of the effect of the health condition on the individual rather than the health condition itself! PIP was introduced this year as a replacement for DLA or Disability Living Allowance.

The claim for this welfare benefit is generally started over the telephone. By calling the Personal Independence Payment Phone Number, or PIP Phone Number for short. Thus if you are interested in claiming your Personal Independence Payment then you should give them a call by using the PIP contact telephone numbers listed with us.

Understanding Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Of course, the process of claiming this benefit is easier said than done. Because the individual in question has to undergo several assessments in order to determine whether he/she is eligible for the benefit or not. One should pass these tests or verification for a period of at least three months before making a claim. Moreover, the individual should be able to satisfy these requirements for a minimum of nine months after making the claim. The official website of PIP offers a free guide to all those who are interested in making a claim, or call the PIP Contact Number 0843 455 0087.

This benefit is meant for individuals who require help. Because it is difficult for them to get around or to continue with their day-to-day life. It can be availed by anyone who is qualified and who falls under the age group 16-64 years. Last year, i.e. during 2012, there were more than three million claims for this benefit in the UK. Of course, the figures are expected to rise in the next few years. Now, the amount of money that one can get under this benefit may vary. On an average, an individual can get anything ranging from £21 to £135 per week. so call the PIP contact number now.

PIP Phone Number 0843 455 0087.

There are two components of the Personal Independence Payment namely the Daily Living Component and the Mobility Component. Depending on the severity of the effects the condition has on you, you can either get one of these or both. Also, there is the option of getting enhanced rates for people with special cases. It is recommended that individuals should get regular health checkups and reassessments in order to make sure that they are getting the right PIP support.

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