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RAC Breakdown Number 0843 455 0091.

Sales Breakdown Number 0843 455 0091.

RAC BreakdownCoverOne of the most unpredictable things in life is a car breakdown. Your vehicle may breakdown on your way to work, the airport, or even before you leave your driveway. Instead of worrying every now and then on when your car is going to breakdown, the RAC breakdown cover can give you the peace of mind.

Who Are The RAC?

Have you ever heard of RAC? Are you familiar with the breakdown services they offer? Well, RAC is one of the leading breakdown services providers in the UK. They have been around for more than a century. Their breakdown cover tailored to help you ease your burden in case your vehicle breaks down. The company is quite popular since they have over 8 million members in the United Kingdom.

Other than providing roadside assistance, RAC Breakdown has also ventured into car, home, and travel insurance. Their breakdown services are excellent, and they rank high on popular review sites such as Feefo where they have a rating of 4.1.

What About The RAC Breakdown Cover?

Now that you know RAC is a professional company that has years of experience, we can now look at their breakdown cover. First, the cover is designed to suit a variety of circumstances. In addition, the breakdown cover has two options. You can either opt for the Personal Cover, which covers you either as a driver or passenger in any vehicle. You can also pick the Vehicle Only, which covers that particular vehicle irrespective of who is driving it. It is up to you to choose which cover is best.

RAC Provides A Variety of Breakdown Cover Options

You can choose from the following;

  1. Blue Badge Breakdown

Did you know that the RAC Breakdown is the only breakdown service provider that has a cover option for blue badge holders? This type of breakdown cover entails roadside assistance, recovery, at home cover and onward travel cover as part of the standard policy. In the instance where your car cannot be fixed, you will get overnight accommodation. There is also the provision of texting facilities for those with hearing impairment.

  1. RAC Family and Multi-Car Breakdowns

This breakdown cover is ideal for families who have more than one car in their homes. It covers anyone who is driving any of the vehicles included in the cover. Some of the features are; one membership can cover a maximum of five family members. It also covers a family member that is temporarily away from home.

  1. Fuel Drain

Human beings are prone to making mistakes. One mistake that you can make is if you accidentally put the wrong fuel on your car. You can call the RAC breakdown number for fuel draining services. In case you are involved in such an incident, RAC’s fuel patrol will avail themselves to your rescue.

  1. RAC Caravan Clubs

The Caravan cover designed for the camping and caravan clubs. You get to enjoy the standard breakdown services and a couple of other exclusive benefits, which will help, improve your caravan experience. It also covers the towing.

  1. Motorbike Breakdown

If you are a bike rider, then this cover will ensure that you always get back on the road as fast as possible. The cover will give you assistance in case you incur an accident, a puncture, or your battery dies out on the road. You will get access to RAC’s patrol team, which carries, around special motorcycle trailers and loaders.

  1. Business Breakdown

RAC BusinessIf your business is vehicle oriented, then RAC Business breakdown cover can be of great benefit to you. It covers any of your business vehicles such as vans or taxis. You as an individual will be covered irrespective of the vehicle you are in.

If you are finding it difficult to choose the perfect breakdown cover option, feel free to contact RAC’s support team. They are available 24/7 to give you any form of assistance.

With the RAC breakdown cover, we promise to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Their response is usually quite fast because they avail themselves within 30 minutes after you contact them. Signing up to become a member of RAC allows you to enjoy the numerous benefits available. The membership costs start at £4.50 a month. You can further tailor your cover by choosing the following options.

  • Recovery – With this cover, you and eight others in your party will be towed to your destination of choice anywhere in the UK.
  • Onward Travel – RAC will offer you and other passenger’s overnight accommodation and means to continue with your journey.
  • At Home – This cover enables you to claim if the vehicle breaks down within a quarter mile from your home.

There are also other breakdown extras, which include battery rescue, key replacement and much more. Once you become a member and purchase cover, we will give you the RAC breakdown hotline, which you can call if you have broken down. RAC’s breakdown services are usually available all year round including holidays. Additionally, on their site, you will find valuable information regarding how to avoid or deal with vehicle breakdowns.

RAC Breakdown Number Means Peace of Mind. The RAC breakdown number is a valuable asset to any motorist.  If your car breaks down at the side of the road there’s no need to panic! For the price of a phone call expert assistance will come to your aid, and mostly your repair will be carried out on the spot and you can continue your journey in safety.

For those occasions when the damage is not fixable at the roadside, Your RAC breakdown package will offer a number of helpful options. Towing to a nearby garage, recovery, onward travel, hotel accommodation or the use of a replacement car for up to three days. Dialling that RAC breakdown number can be your guarantee of safety and peace of mind.

The RAC is one of the longest established and most trusted automotive associations in the UK. The company offers a large selection of motoring products and services including insurance. A motoring shop stocking everything from satellite navigation systems to batteries. A car buyers department and the well known RAC route planner.

RAC insurance products include pet insurance, home insurance and life insurance as well as the kind of cover you would expect for cars, vans, caravans and travel.

Call us on 0843 455 0091.

RAC Breakdown VanWith motoring and related services as its sole purpose, the RAC is a one stop shop for motoring safety. While the RAC breakdown number may be the key to an anxiety-free journey. The RACs other services also take the fear out of driving.

Take the RAC car buyers department for example. This department offers a choice of carefully selected services that offer comprehensive protection to the motoring consumer. First and foremost is the data review that will give you a detailed history of your chosen car, including a warning if the vehicle has been stolen. By availing of the vehicle inspection service. The RAC warranty and the Mobile App for traffic news, car buyers and relax and enjoy the drive!

One final helpful service to be aware of is the RAC Garage Finder which helps you to find a garage you can trust.

The RAC is the motorists’ friend, making life easier and safer in every possible way.  While that safety may start with choosing the right car. It finds its fullest expression when you enter that RAC breakdown number into your phone and tuck it into your glove compartment just to be on the safe side.

Go to the RAC website.
If you have an account you can log into the RAC portal.


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