Sheilas Wheels Contact Number

Sheilas Wheels Contact Number.


Insurance is constantly becoming one of the most important forms of money investment in the modern world. With the increase in accidents and uncertainty in life, coupled with the lower life expectancy, everybody is constantly worried about what might or might not happen tomorrow. Insurance companies have taken a very high position in the global economy. One of these many companies but probably the most unique is Sheila’s wheels. Sheila’s wheels are a UK based insurance company which specializes in insurance for woman.

They provide plans for women to insure almost everything from handbags to cars and houses. They have a very friendly website and a good service. Sheila’s wheels were established in 2005 by an aspiring entrepreneur by the name of Peter Wood. This was in collaboration with the Esure insurance company and HBOS.

Sheila’s wheels, apart from their women friendly services are widely popular for their irritating but very catchy advertising. The advertisements feature the three Sheila’s wearing bright and nauseating pink clothing and accessories and singing a different spectrum of catchy jingles and phrases for the promotion of their company. All the catchphrases are sung from the backseat of a convertible car which is bubble gum pink in color, which is mostly referred to as the Sheila mobile.

Sheila’s Wheels’ idea developed from the research that they had carried forward at the time of establishment. All the products have be created and designed to keep insurance for women and making their life easy in mind.

The fact that women carry a bag which in itself contains all their precious items and also their money while they drive a car has given Sheila’s Wheels the idea of even insuring the handbag. The handbag insurance cover scheme which is offered by the company which comes as a part of their regular car insurance scheme or policy is given with a limit of around Euro 300. This insurance does not include the euro 200 insurance  for personal items separately, in case the handbag is snatched from the vehicle the vehicle can be traced by calling Sheila’s wheels’ contact number.

Another matter of importance was the repairers for the cars. When people give their cars for service, the repairers are not very friendly because they are frustrated with their jobs. This is the precise reason why the Sheila’s wheels company employs women friendly repairers who are trained and taught to be respectful and more understanding of what women want and need. The repairers are very skilled and are advised to follow a very strict code of conduct to more comprehensively meet the everyday and personal requirements of female vehicle owners. These services include installing children seats in cars, arranging the office visits to compliment the school timings, very flexible times for dropping off and picking up people etc. As part of the standard car policy, women are also given full access to a dedicated and full-fledged counseling service which is conducted by highly trained specialists to help them survive a lot of daily driving hazards like accident aftermaths, road rages etc.

Women are precious, and their insurance needs to be special too. To have a great insured life, here is Sheila’s wheels’ contact number . 

Sheilas Wheels Contact Number 

Car and Home Insurance Address.
Sheilas Wheels Customer Services.
Sheilas’ Wheels,
The Equinox,
19 Cadogan Street,
G2 6QQ.

Sheilas Wheels Travel Insurance.
Sheilas Wheels Customer Services.
PO BOX 500,
Drake Circus,
PL1 1XB.

Sheilas Wheels Contact Number.

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Sheilas Wheels Contact Number

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