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17/10/2017 | By Peter Jones

Social Fund help with debt imageThe Social Fund Number 0843 455 0031 is a government-run scheme which gives people on low incomes access to money when a crisis occurs.

The Social Fund contact number is there to offer advice when people need a little help financially. If a major event happens, that leaves you struggling to pay for it. This is what the social fund is designed for those who receive certain kinds of benefits and pensions. If you find yourself financially in trouble due to a one-off, unexpected expense. A Social Fund number is available to explain who can apply for this money.

This fund can help with payments for different things like funeral expenses. Or costs that come with a new baby or for emergencies and disasters likes flood or fire. They can also be used for one off-travel expense if you need to get to another part of the UK in a hurry and can’t get hold of the money to do so.

Social Fund Contact Number 0843 455 0031.

Help can be provided for those who are getting back into the community when leaving prison or the care system. For purchasing furniture or connecting electricity for example. The Social Fund contact number is manned by agents who can talk you through the kinds of events a crisis payment will cover. Cold Weather Payments and the Winter Fuel Allowance, given to most pensioners in winter. Also, come from this department, and you can call the Social Fund number to discuss these events.

Budgeting Loans and Crisis Loans changed in April 2013, and now the funds are managed locally and not through the job centre. To find out how these changes affect you and any applications that may be already in the system, contact the Social Fund phone number to discuss this. The government website has some useful information which may help you decide if you can apply for this kind of help.

There are different payments available, some are in the form of loans, which means you will have to repay the money, but this can be done over as much as 24 months to make it affordable. Other schemes can give you money which won’t need to be repaid. The smallest amount for most of these payments is £100. The Social Fund number is there to help you through all the different options available, and to make sure you fill in the relevant forms correctly.

Social Fund Number 0843 455 0031.

Click here to download a social fund application form; you can return it to one of the addresses below, alternatively, call the Social Fund Number we provide on this page. Low income Social Fund welfare schemes

If you decide to complete a paper form, use one of the following addresses to return your application.

London, the South and South East, North East and North West England

West Midlands, South West England and Scotland

East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, East Anglia and Essex


For Cwmbran, Newport and postcodes CF3, 5, 10-11, 14-15, 23-24, 31-48, 61-64, 71-72, 81-83, LD7, LL and SY:


For postcodes CF4, 6-9, 12-13, 16-22, 25-30, 49-60, 65-70, 73-80, LD1-6, LD8 and SA:



Peter Jones 17/10/2017