Student Finance Contact Number

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Student Finance Contact Number 0843 455 0057.

Student Finance Number EnglandCall our Student Finance Contact Number on 0843 455 0057. To track the progress of your student finance claim, or payment information.

Students can use the Student Finance Phone Number to apply for a tuition fee loan. Maintenance loan and a maintenance grant. The tuition fee loan is to pay for your tuition, while the maintenance loan and grant are to help you pay for your living costs. Loans you will have to pay back, but grants you do not. You will need to apply for your student finance every year, you don’t need a place at the university or collage to put in an application.

A tuition fee load for a full time student is usually £9,000. Unless you go to a private university or collage then it is £6,000. Part time tuition loans are £6,750 and if you are at a private university or collage £4,500. Maintenance loans are paid directly into your bank, the amount depends on your  household income. Typical loan amounts are, living at home £4,375, living away from home not in the London area is £5,500 and in London £7,675.

Student Finance Phone Number 0843 455 0057.

You pay back your Student Finance Loan only when you earn above £21,000 per year. And then you only pay back 9% of what you earn above £21,000. So if you earn £31,000, you only pay 9% of £10,000, which is £900 in that financial year. If you haven’t paid it off after 30 years it is wiped off.

Student Finance Contact Number on 0843 455 0057 can also be used to change any personal contact information, general enquiries, or advice on your student finance claim.

If you would like to see what Martin Lewis has to say about student loans, then click play on the video below or click here to go to his website.

To download an Application Forms.

Student Finance .gov website.

Student Finance Contact Number 0843 455 0057.

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