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TV Licence Phone Number 0843 455 0137.

TV Licence Phone NumberThe TV Licence Phone Number will provide help with customer queries and licensing information.

Phoning the TV Licence Phone Number will put you in touch with trained support staff who will direct your call to the correct department.

Licensing Information:
The present colour TV Licence rate is £145.50. (A black and white TV Licence costs £49.00).

Payment methods:
• Yearly – pay automatically by annual Direct Debit or via debit/credit card payment.

• Quarterly – pay automatically by quarterly Direct Debit. There is a further quarterly
charge of £1.25.

• Monthly – pay by monthly instalments is very popular. Your first licence costs around
£24 per month over six months. Subsequent licenses are around £12 per month, paid in
twelve instalments.

• Weekly – pay in weekly instalments via a payment card.

Please call the TV Licence Phone Number for more online, PayPoint, phone, or text message payment options.

Cancellations and refunds.
Cancellation or refund could be due if:
You move house.
Or you now live with someone who has a TV Licence.
If you no longer own a TV.
The TV Licence holder is now deceased.
You still need a TV Licence but want to change your method of payment.

Please call the TV Licence Phone Number for a refund form, or to discuss other cancellation or refund issues.

TV Licence Phone Number 0843 455 0137.

Do you need a TV Licence?
You need a TV Licence to watch or record broadcast TV. This also applies for internet TV via a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile, or even a DVD/VCR.

Mobile devices – A licence allows you to view broadcast TV on a mobile phone or other device, at home and also out and about.

Special rules apply for the following:

    • Students
    • Tenants and lodgers
    • Aged 74 and above
    • Blind/Severely sight-impaired
    • Care Home clients
    • Armed forces.
  • Second/holiday residences.

Organisations and Businesses in the following categories:

    • Shops
    • Offices
    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Hotels
    • Hostels
    • Mobile Units & Campsites
    • Workplace TV
    • Clubs & Community Groups
    • Residential Landlords
    • Residential Care Homes
    • Schools & Colleges
    • TV Dealers
    • Hospitality
    • Armed Forces Administrators
    • Hospitals
  • Sheltered Accommodation.

Update details.
It is your responsibility to advise and update the following information:

• Change of name, address or new bank details.
• Licence transfer to a new address.

Simply call the TV license contact number to obtain prompt, courteous and accurate TV licensing help and advice. The TV Licence Phone Number is the one you need for licensing information.

Our postal address is:
TV Licensing,
DL98 1TL.

Do I need a TV Licensing.
How to pay for your TV Licence.

TV Licence Contact Number 0843 455 0137.


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