UCAS Contact Number

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UCAS Contact Number

UCAS Contact NumberUndergraduate (UCAS).

Performing arts (CUKAS) .

Postgraduate (UKPASS).

Teacher Training (UTT).

UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admission Service. It is the organisation used by students who are looking to gain entry into the next stage of their education.

UCAS enables prospective students to review courses available at universities; UCAS points required for each variety of course, along with other entry requirements; university rankings, facilities, details regarding the halls of residence, departments and other information such as number of male and female students.

UCAS provides an on line portal for prospective students to draft, save and submit applications to the institution(s) chosen by that student. Once submitted, applications can be tracked on line, to check on their progress. You can also contact UCAS by telephoning them on the UCAS contact number and providing your student identification details that will be given to you.

UCAS was established in 1993 and has developed into the organisation that will now be familiar to almost each and every student and education provider in the country. All applications are now done on line and UCAS makes it easy to review deadlines within which applications need to be submitted.

UCAS Contact Number for Complaints.

Using the on line process minimises the risk of applications getting lost or delayed. It is a good idea to keep the UCAS phone number close at hand so that you can check on any issues you are not sure about, or if you have any queries or concerns that do not seem to be covered on their website.

UCAS should be able to answer the majority of questions regarding the application process. The best way to contact them is on line or on the UCAS phone number, quoting your student identification number.

This is whether you are going through the usual route of application, or if you are going through the “Clearing” process which occurs after places have been offered and accepted, in order to fill empty places on courses and assist students who may not have got into their first choice of university.

Make sure you know which UCAS contact number and department you need to contact, as there are different application processes for college applications, applications for teacher training and for post graduate students.

Write to us:
New Barn Lane,
GL52 3LZ.

UCAS Complaints Phone Number.

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Lines open from Monday-Friday 08:30-18:00.

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