UKBA Contact Number

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UKBA Contact Number – UK Border Agency Contact Number.

UKBA Contact NumberThe UK Border Agency (UKBA) is part of the Home Office, with the role of protecting the borders to the United Kingdom, through controlling immigration. They manage the visa application process. The process of applying for asylum within our borders and the process of applying for British Citizenship.

They are also responsible for our customs. Namely, they ensure that goods are up to UK standards and if they are not. Do not make it past our borders or those goods coming into our country that is taxable. Are fully paid up, and any tax goes straight to the British treasury. If you need to speak to a representative regarding any of the above, you will find the UKBA contact number here.

The UKBA became an agency in April 2008. Following a merger between the old Border and Immigration Agency and some functions from the Inland Revenue. The idea behind this merger was that the new UKBA. Acting as a single agency would have greater control over protecting the UK borders. The UKBA now employs approximately 23,500 staff and operates in 130 countries worldwide.

UKBA Contact Number.

This is a large organisation; if you need help finding who you need to speak to within the agency, you can find the UKBA contact number here.

The UKBA is made up of two separate entities; one is responsible for managing the United Kingdom’s immigration, visas and enforcing immigration law whereas the other will focus on immigrants already in the UK who do not have the necessary permissions to be here.

Many different departments are dealing with varying aspects of border management. For instance, there are various departments and different teams that you need to speak to if you have a visa inquiry. Rather than queries surrounding goods that may be or not allowed into the United Kingdom. Sometimes, with so many different operations and then departments and with the agency having an extensive remit, it can be confusing to figure out exactly where you need to call and who you need to speak to. We can help guide you to the correct department to answer your query, by providing the UKBA contact number.

To go to theĀ UKBA website.
To apply online for a visa or immigration forms at UKBA.

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