United Utilities Contact Number

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United Utilities Contact Number.

United Utilities Contact NumberIf you are looking for a United Utilities contact number, then you will first need to decide what part of the company you need to contact.

There is a specific United Utilities phone number for all water and wastewater enquiries and emergencies.

This United Utilities contact number is available 24 hours a day to ensure you are not left without water. This contact number is ideal to call for water supply problems, pressure issues, discoloured water as well as sewer and drain issues.

If you are not experiencing water supply issues, there are also designated numbers for customers inquiring about their bill. This covers new customers, payments as well as a change of addresses. If you are a home customer with a water meter, then the United Utilities Number you need is. If you are a home customer without a water meter, then you need to call. There is also a United Utilities Number designated for business customers too.

United Utilities Contact Number.

If you need to contact United Utilities, the website offers a variety of options such as online forms. There is a specific area to manage your account online. Which allows you to set up direct debits, manage your address and send meter readings. If there is a non-emergency water leak such as a leak on the road or footpath, there is an online form for you to report it.

There is a specific area for landlords and letting agents, to allow changes to tenancies by managing multiple properties online. There is also specific advice available to those with water issues such as flooding, to help you until you receive a response from United Utilities.

If you do not want to use one of the United Utilities Contact Numbers, then there is an online form to allow customers to request a callback. This call back can be used for account and billing issues, water supply and waste water services.

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To go to the United Utilities website.
If you have an account, you can log into the United Utilities portal here.

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