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Vanquis Contact Number 0843 455 0068.

Helping you repair poor credit.

Vanquis Contact NumberThe Vanquis Contact Number will put you in touch with Vanquis. Vanquis Bank is a subsidiary of the Provident Financial Group. Established in 2002, it provides credit cards under the VISA brand for UK residents, with a limited or uneven history of credit rating. It also provides a set rate bond service, launched in 2011.

As a responsible company, Vanquis Bank will help to provide you with a credit limit that suits your needs, and your ability to keep the payments on track.  As a new customer, you will begin with an easy to control credit limit, some ware between £150 and £1,000. You may be able to get a credit limit increase on your 4th month, and further increases every 4 months, up to £3,000.

Before you contemplate a credit limit increase. You should use your existing credit limit without going over the agreed limit, and make your monthly payments on time. By using your existing credit limit and keeping your existing account in order, you show Vanquis Bank that you can manage your existing account and maintain the monthly payments. You must also keep any other credit cards, loans, catalogues, mobile phone, mortgages, and payments/accounts  in order, and you do not have too much debt anywhere else. This is just a guide and maintaining this criteria, will not guarantee you a credit increase.

Vanquis Contact Number 0843 455 0068.

Customers can call this Vanquis Contact Number any day of the week, whatever their questions. We are a directory listings company and we have this dedicated Vanquis Contact Number that will put you  in touch as quick as possible. By offering you an independent Vanquis Bank Phone Number that is readily available, we take away the need to trawl through pages on the Internet, to find the Vanquis Bank Contact Number and details.

Vanquis have a simple way to track you account.
Click here for the Vanquis Bank website.

Vanquis Bank Contact
Number 0843 455 0068 or
Contact us by Post:

Vanquis Visa Card.
Customer Services,
PO Box 399,
ME4 4WQ.

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