Working Tax Credit Phone Number

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Working Tax Credit Phone Number 0843 455 0127.

Working Tax Credit Phone NumberOur Working Tax Credit Phone Number will connect you to a customer service adviser at the HMRC office.

The Working Tax Credit Phone Number is a vital lifeline for employed people earning below a certain income level. Working Tax Credit was first introduced in the UK in 2003. Working Tax Credit is a means-tested benefit. It is a part of the UK tax refund system in place to help those on low incomes. So call the Working Tax Credit phone number now and see if you are entitled to Working Tax Credits.

Despite what the name suggests, Working Tax Credit is not directly linked to an individual’s income tax. Working Tax Credit is a state benefit available to those, above 16 years of age. Who work a certain number of hours a week but earn below a certain amount. The basic amount of Working Tax Credit is approximately ¬£1890. But the total you are entitled to varies depending on personal circumstances. Working hours and dependants. As a results of different circumstances. The level an individual is entitled to claim can be higher or lower than this basic level.

Working Tax Credits Phone Number 0843 455 0127.

If you are applying for Working Tax Credit for the first time, you can contact the Working Tax Credit Phone Number to request a claim form to allow your application to be processed. If you already claim you Tax Credit and wish to update or renew your claim, you should also contact the Working Tax Credit Number.

Working Tax Credit can be claimed in addition to other forms of benefit, such as Child Tax Credit, to provide support for families that might be struggling financially. Nearly 20% of those who are entitled to claim Working Tax Credit do not and may be unaware of what they are entitled to, so it is important that you find out if you are entitled to claim.

It should be noted that the current government intend to replace Working Tax Credit with Universal Credit in 2016, and it is possible that the Working Tax Credit Number may change as a result of this.

Go to the Working Tax Credits website.
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